My bed hates me, every morning the gravity force around it multiplies by hundred at least. Waking it up or not, that’s a difficult choice to make when you have classes on a cool Saturday of urban Bangalore. It’s rare not to get a hot day, down here. Getting back to my doziness, I really don’t want to wake but I had to.
Finally as I stumble across my room i can’t seem to make the difference between my comb and my small phone, my robe and my towel. 10 whole minutes ending up me sitting back down to my bed and re-load my head, and put things back in place.

When I successfully get to the bathroom, I’m playing paintball with the water shower. I duck but soon I seem to be at disadvantage, once hit who wouldn’t wish to stay in this place. As water runs down the spine sending electric chills to the brain, that’s the re-load I’m talking about. I let it slide on every pores leaving only the trace of the morning freshness.
Then the phone rings…