This is an “if” kind of question. The kind that jolt your brain, because of the possibility of that “if” can be scary.

And today I ask myself “What would this four walls ; Around You, Me, all of us; say if they could speak?” They have seen me high above the clouds (literally I mean) and worse at my worst (this part is true). They have stood by me when I was happy, sad, hopeful, scared, stressed, motivated, calm or agitated. Still they stood their grounds while I run, stumbled, stood up, fought, laughed and at times cried, on my path of life.

Consider this possibility; What, for the life of me, would they say if they could speak. This I wonder. As I sleep the question pops out in my dream too. But the answer seems so far and so near at the same time; too vague yet so simple.
In order to move from that moment of uncertainty and absolute certainty; i ask my friends their views. Surprisingly the world seems better when you ask for a hand from a willing friend.
Their ideas are mind-blowing. Each unique in their own way. It reflects and shines their own individuality; but you wouldn’t imagine the fun we have together.

“Don’t care wat people say live your life” – Mehreen Samar

“It will say; baba ur to sexy and I know it” – Nombissi K B Bless

“wud sing a song for me tonight…we r lets set d wrld on fire..we can burn brighter dan d sun..tonight we r young” – Manisha Singh

“the walls would probably say…life is full of learning sessions, so learn n enjoy ur life…be happy n strong !!!” – Karma Zangmu

“It would say..Think and create an idea and do it..if you fail don”t worry, there is always a second chance which is called “tomorrow”..The more mistakes you make, the more better it’ll be. #LifeIsFullOfSuccess” – Farid Sahibzada

“actually the walls would sing for me to dance!
and of course it would tell me that u are the best in the world coz u have a family which all the mankind is the members of that family!
so be proud and do ur best for ur self and the for the sake of ur beautiful bro’s and sis’s!!!!” – Azim Hazhir

“The walls say to me:
‘Find the inner beauty in everything and search for happiness in small things. Live every single moment as it is the last moment of your life. Learn from your mistakes, cheer up and go kick the world!'” – Baz Ali Hussainy

If they could speak, they would have said: “Hayat” you’re doing great. Go on and make sure to consider your mistakes and learn.

wall: and yeah one more thing, Keep smiling and bring smile on others’ faces exactly the way you do ‘coz someone believes its your talent =))

At last, I found my answer. Like a monk who took a vow of silence; I believe this “walls” did too. If simply put, I’m afraid of what they might say. I imagine it might be too deep and wise to fully understand; or might take me by surprise of how easy the answer is..Anyway, I live and move on the thrills of what “the answer” might be.