I had always struggled to find the answer for “what was your most memorable moments in your entire life? (Apparently I’m always struggling to find some answers..hehe)

Well I found my answer while seating amidst a flock of friends. I mean the happy-crazy-weird-fun-and-out-of this-world kind of friends. I don’t remember much of the big ideas we had; but of the smallest moments we shared.
Oh well! We still share them.

Might be a movie here. Or a laughter there. And most weirdly good though, they just remind me that it’s good to roll a tear or two sometimes.
But that’s not the best part. The awesome is that we look like Joker’s deck of cards; but in this case there is more than 4 signs. Each of them distinct on their own.
(You don’t believe me…let me show you) We got our own Aziz-Ansari kind of annoyingly funny guy; never stops talking but can’t leave without him. We got a wise looking Freddie-Highmore. Rarely you’ll ever hear him talk normally; always in proverbs or sayings. And that’s perfectly fine. We love him that way.
I’mm really rude we haven’t touched the ladies yet. Them..it’s….. #NoWords really.

There is our own Kelly Washington type. Smart, beautiful, intelligent and always involved in some kind of scandal; either it’s about helping a friend or standing up on her own. (But for her,I still haven’t seen her prince charming).

We got our diva. The one who brought this whole mess together. Always checking herself in a mirror, and secretively observing each and everyone. And always laughing. Like every Diva, she has her own eccentricities.
Her life seems to be a giant swing. from happy to sad in a split of a second, and before you know it; damn she is climbing mountains and succeeding.. all of this metaphorically of course.

I haven’t even talked about one of our jewel yet. She is… (I’m missing the right words, but chuck i’m not stopping) she is not one-of-the. .she is the most awesome i ever stumbled on. She is a girl but..damn, can she put your whole principles upside down. Let’s say she is Rapunzel of that story Tangled; but with shorter hair than her, and that she is not a blonde.. Always with a smile, but quick with sarcasm (I’m never getting enough of those..)

And to the other jewel, she has this amazing heart. A big one indeed. cares for everyone; but pretty hard to figure out what inside. (That’s another mystery for Scooby-Doo..hehe. Hope you stick with me through this monologue of movie reference)
I got it. She is Lucy Liu of the group. same complexion as her, takes great interest in people. But willingly puts her wishes behind and prefer to be there for her friends.

I was going to forget that I got “Lucky” enough to be introduced to another lady..a girl (not yet a woman). haven’t figured her secrets yet (it’s not like it’s my job) but i like to know. (I’m curious, so beat it.) She is like Melissa Brauch. not literally or in every sense. more like what she stands for in the whole group. Fun, spontanesous, sometimes in a way that startles me.

Let’s come back to the gents. we got the Harry Styles of the group but with the hairstyle of Zayn Malik (i’m no fan of One direction.. sheesh..dat would be really and really weird). Always with his own hairstyle, own personality that in in a short time I saw bloom (like a rose) haha.. that would be crazy. But seriously though, he is one hell of a good friend.
There is this one guy I haven’t touched yet. He seems to be living in his own world. “In the words of a friend – he lives like “Santiago” from Paulo Coelho’ The Alchemist). Seems to be living in an alternate universe leading a different kind of life. But always there when you holla!!

In short, let me tell you what this means. This is not a comparative analysis of my friends to superstars out there. what i wrote is what I meant, no double meaning. so forget what you might have doubted. I’m showing you how I got to know them deeper through the tiniest of moments and greater achievements of life.
Note: Stop trying to figure out which friend I mean. ‘coz I scribbled down while i was half-asleep.

At the end of the day. I sit quietly and laugh. Because I know tomorrow is never going to be better than today. Not worried at all. #HakunaMatata. Whatever happens. I had #Today.

Oh, By the way, This is a monologue I had in my head that I decided to put on my Blog. it doesn’t follow any grammar rule or any form. So is my life. The moment i decided to put aside every principle or self-limit I had, did I discover that the world can be AWESOME.
There you go. I even included myself in the text. I’m part of my friends as, damn well they’re part of mine.

This is the end of the show. Thanks for sticking around.