I saw beauty from the ferris wheel.
The sun casting shadows over the far-away mountains, sketching them in an artful way. I was sitting with three more friends, but each bemused by such sight. No need to talk, it was time to use the eyes. Everything was in perfect stillness. What a way to finish an otherwise perfect day.

Strange how everything below can be such trivial matters while above the sky is peace, golden orange gentleness.


Adrenaline rushing through your veins, shouting your lungs out, screaming your heart out; all of it in happiness. As huge fun-engineered piece of equipment twist, turn, flip, hung, push, pull you in that amusement park. Whole day that’s what we’ve been up to. Not a worry on any face. I guess we left it at the entrance. Once in a while, we ought to breathe without stress, laugh without worrying.

On that Ferris Wheel… I realized!

“A piece of writing which speaks much for itself.” – Zainullah A. Lashkary