After everything was finished, and in my hand I was holding the result of my “horrible day” endeavor; I still haven’t hard my full share until the officer asked “What is your feedback about our service?”.. At first I didn’t quite understand, until he further explained his question saying “We appreciate feedback, especially from foreigners in order to improve our services. So what is your feedback, Sir?”

You still haven’t figured it out. Here, let me help you out!

As every person in a foreign country knows, it comes a time to do some heavy paper works. Run to every government and public service building. Registering, filing, signing, waiting, paying, waiting; and sometimes…bribing. Yes, it’s the ultimate truth (that thing won’t disappear easily). Back to my story, it was finally my day. And I had made the biggest mistake. I went on the last day. The deadline. (I definitely had it coming). Apparently I had one document missing, even though I had made sure I got everything. (off the line, I go)

So started the wild goose chase!

First to the police station, then they send me off chasing a lawyer who’s been on his lunch break for the past two hours. And after he manages to show up, he points out that there is a stamp missing. (oh, by the way, he later admitted he had the privilege to put on that same stamp). Off to notarize those documents which takes like an hour to get there (heavy traffics are really a bummer). The notary guy is really fast but doesn’t want to simply give the documents on account that there is some “extra stamp duty charges and special secretarial work” amount I hadn’t paid. (You get the gesture I hope). I’m on the verge of boiling up already, but the best thing to do is to cool down the awakened volcano. Finally, I go back to the police station. Where I learn that the officer in charge just left. (Yaay, How lucky )..I wait, and wait (I guess I’m starting to embrace the situation)…and wait. Almost at the closing time, he shows up and gives his signature. And I get the fruit of my endeavors. I had caught THE wild goose!

But It gets worse. The documents’ deadline is over today. Which means I will get to pay, sign, file, wait, pay. Another nightmare will start tomorrow for sure. More social and public workers to deal with.

Okay. So what are the lessons to learn from here. Definitely, never again do things at the last time. And probably train better at being patient.

And to the officer who asked me that special question; in my head I answered him; Probably ask for a raise; and shorten the number of documents required. And most probably, adopt the new technology; it’s called internet. No more writing by hand, that’s so stone age. And while I’m at it Officer, do you mind actually handing me those documents you have been holding? without asking me for little “something..something” under the table.

Note: I’m not saying I paid a bribe (Oh, hell no!!). Probably some stamp duty, here and there. And some extra charges, that’s alI. and i’m not pointing fingers at who is corrupt or which services needs some cleanup.. Nope, I simply met only the bad guys the world has to offer.

P.S:I have to say this article is biased. I It’s based on some passive anger-frustration and madness of the whole day. It doesn’t even fully explain the whole story in detail..(It’s a Blog entry not a novel). But let me tell you this; I’m an avid traveler at heart (or I wish I was).

.And wherever I been. Public services sucks! There I said it.