First of all, I do not claim any right on the title of this article. Fault of not finding any original name, I just borrowed that title. I’m working on mine pretty soon. But so far, let me walk you through the “why” and “what” here.

The better man project is a project I just decided to start recently. It started from an inner feeling of changing and bringing out the best of me yet to be seen. I believe I haven’t been at the best of my abilities, or yet haven’t explored what I can really do (if i did).

The idea of this project struck me first a couple of weeks back whenI stumbled upon a blog of a guy who had decided to take matters in his own hands; bring back the life in life; who had decided to be better that he was yesterday. He decided to share his journey of what caused him to be where he was and see the effects. and finally he got to do something. And through his blog, he inspired me to take similar actions. (the better man project)

The second thing that is making me start this project is through one textbook i was reading for my final exam The author judged it will be better if he pointed at me rather that explain what the subject is about)..but seriously though, the textbook is about planning, change, strategy in business organisations (no need to bother with those details)but deep down, if i relate it to this topic..i see more clearly the one mistake I wish to erase. #Change

Yesterday, i said tomorrow.

This is what this project is all about. None of my projects has ever been fruitful because of this little sentence. Most of the time, I end up putting things for tomorrow and in my mind it is okay. Well, it’s not anymore.
All of those past missed actions are getting together in a rally. A marathon I would like to call “REGRETs.

All because of failure to do and live up to my daily promises. So hence this project.
Frankly said, I have no idea what I’m going to so for sure. I got no plan chartered down or some guidance jolted somewhere. All I was hoping from this blog is probably by writing down this, It will probably reaffirm my resilience to stick to this program for some undetermined time.

Some of the things that I will do for sure:
-finally get donw with my two novels that I had put on hold for long. (Oops, the secret is out)
– shed some few pounds (on second thought, shed a lot of it.) don’t get me wrong, i like how i am; ask my friends. But I have this bucket list thing and a bet no to lose in mind.

NOTE: this is only the beginning. My ideas are quite erratic. They are not yet focused. But as days go by, I hope they will be. (I’m sure they will be). And as much as I can I will post the development as the journey goes on!

Wish me luck!