** Intro
The BTMP continues. I know I have been away for quite sometime. It was in search of what I really wanted to put into my project here. And surprising enough it was right under my nose. Poems and small stories long forgotten in my so-much treasured Ipod (this thing can pack a ton). So from the advice of friends, I decided to publish them one at a time.
And how this will help me in my BTMP? I guess it’s time to take out the big guns and really take up writing and expressing myself more fiercely. It will help increase my writing skills and closer to my goal – finish my book.
Enjoy and don’t forget to comment down.


the hour glass

To all times

From good times comes great moments
From an amazing family comes the greatest love,
From good friend comes a real life,
It’s when we don’t realize what we have
That we are no longer happy.

A chance we didn’t take, an opportunity We missed,
A dream long gone, not our reality
And a future we want to see.

A father we wanted to say I’m proud of,
A mother we would like to say forever thankful for,
A girl we would like to tell we loved,
The speech we wanted to say,
Those words forever stuck in our hearts,
To all times we could have said,
A simple sorry, a thank-you in time

To all times we wished to share a smile,
Maybe brighten up somebody’s morning,
Instead of being all that greedy and all
Just to put away all us-and-ours aside,
And be free and live the life.

To all times, our dreams would be true,
For a second, just me and you,
The time to stop some hours or few,
Savoring the moment, just us two.

To all times we wished to make a move,
Get away from the sorrow, hot on stove
Run into the wild, looking for anew, adventure and thrills

To the time we wanted to write our own story,
Not someone else’s interesting history,
Forgetting his past may hide some misery,
Even more to go to some mystery,

Wouldn’t hurt to brag a little,
For the few might be good, to say great
If enjoying a bit of everything,
One life is enough, one Ode to sing.

What time is it?