This song is one of the favorites of my Dad. I grew up loving every word of it. “I believe in angels, Something good in everything I see“.

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The time is for amends; and a deep reflection of the reaction of my actions. Not looking to be perfect, but more of realizing the little habits that don’t do good out there.
FYI, The BTMP will mix personal reflections, various posts, poems, stories. All of them better than the last. Stick around, and don’t forget to post a comment/feedback. Enjoy!

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It is said that every black cloud has a silver lining. And in my three years, I have lived in India, I have sincerely failed to realize their silver lining. It is a country rich in culture, diversity and whose tradition surpasses what I thought or even read. (I read quite a lot)

As you move from South to North, East to West; the lifestyles changes and it is pretty much apparent. I have been lucky enough to live there and most of the people I met humbly extended their hand welcoming me in their society.
But the question I ask myself each day as I wake up is, Did I do the same?

And as much ashamed of the answer, it’s not far from the truth; I don’t think I did.
Yes, no country is ever perfect (I speak of experience I’m from Rwanda). India has quite their share of trouble (no need to point them out, I’m trying to make my amends). But sometimes….well most of the times, I couldn’t help myself to complain about them.
And to the displeasure of those who had open their hearts and houses to me. It is a bad habit. That is forever going. (I’m working on it)

I can’t say that my stay here wasn’t pleasant. It was far more than I could have asked. From friendly neighbors who invites you without prejudice to classmates; and other fellow friends we worked with in social activities around the country; Teachers (Music, dance), Professors (in class), Acquaintances, and everyone I know.

And what did I ever repay them with? You don’t really want to know the answer.

I failed to see “Everything good in Everything I saw”. Hope it’s not too late to say ” SORRY”.