After realizing that fatefully my plans involves a lot of traveling; I came to the ultimate conclusion that wherever I will go, I will always be labeled “Foreigner” (not really fond of it though). And people will always call me “African”
Instead I would have loved being called a “Nomad”. It sounds more rustic but inspire adventure and a pursuit of a destiny!


Or for that matter, why don’t you call me “Rwandan” instead of “African”. I got a home too, you know! Africa ain’t a country; it’s a freaking continent of 54 countries (probably 55 now, not so sure). And Rwanda happens to be one of them.

*Africa isn’t a country. This video will blow your mind. If you manage to watch all of it, it is worth a while.

But at the end of the day, nothing sounds sweeter to my ears like the sound of my own name. It’s way better than a label or a tag. An identity I proudly carry even scribbled across my forehead!

*At the end of the day, I’m still fighting the same war I did since long time. The confusion that people have about Africa, and the concept of labels in general.
And my favourite quote of the day

“I am normal. Perhaps not your kind, but I am. So don’t label me” – Anonymous