It’s been awhile since I posted anything. My BTMP remix isn’t on hold, as well as my weekly posts or my actual book-writing. My current situation involves a lot of traveling and settling down. So it might take some time to get back in the saddle. But better soon than never, right?


And yes, I call myself a writer. I write, therefore I’m a writer (Simple as that). Look at me arguing with myself. This goes without saying, there is great and amazing writers, but as well as amateurs or “aspiring” ones. Depends on who is judging.

Bad luck never stops to surprise us
Bad luck never stops to surprise us

The bad luck or the hindrance of every “aspiring” or already achieved writer is the inability to be able to write. What happened to me recently would be ideal. I was strolling down from the city going back home, and enjoying a bike ride. And Ideas started forming into perfect and rhythmic sentences and 10 minutes later I could have written a whole book.
I quickly searched my pockets or something to jolt down everything before they start fading away but fortunately for me, there was NOTHING.
By the time I reached my house, all I had left was pieces of 25-foot puzzle. Quite hard to piece together, isn’t it?

There is a time of every individual (writer or not), when they achieve a certain level of lucidity (It doesn’t mean that they are high on something); and everything in mind follows logic and the brain is actually at its best…behavior. For some people, it’s a constant state of mind (Trust me, I have met couple of them. And yes, it can scare you out). For others, well, it’s called inspiration.

So what happens when you miss that lucid moment? The answer is simple you start typing out a Blog about bad luck of writers.

Thanks for sticking up till the end. (Next time, I’ll bring a happy and cool Blog 😉 )

P.S: I don’t give up that easily.