“The great omission in  life is solitude; not loneliness, for this is an alienation that thrives most in the midst of crowds, but that zone of time and space free from outside pressure which is the incubator of the spirit. — Marya Mannes”



I have traveled (That’s no secret) and by experience learned the power of good company. You know what! Make it any company you might get. It can lift you from loneliness to some good lung-filling laughter. Or simply tease your brain with some intellectual mumble-jumble.

But also I understand the need and extreme power of some alone time. That moment when you and your thoughts sit down in front of a good drink and have the chat of a century; listening to the background music and getting absent minded in the far horizon of the window next to you or in front of you..!

Solitude helps recollect my thoughts, reboot my brain. Take a break from any technological gadgets I possess, far away from any social media (Facebook or Twitter, both am totally addicted on); and especially when I got an issue I want to solve, I like solving it on my own.

Understand me though.

I got wonderful people around me; from home till my workplace, lots of people I would so much like to just hang out or lazy around with all year round.

At work, the staff is quite awesome. In spite of the amount of work they have, they still find time and attitude to be friendly and welcoming (you know that feeling you get when you start as an intern, it vanishes instantly – That’s the effect I got) I wasn’t the newbie, I was a freshman who needed some help from seniors (cool ones). I’ve got to say that most of them are young, or newly-old (I don’t want to say “old” people who acts young-ish, that would be…you get the message).

I’m not saying I would rather dine solo than being with any of  them. I’m simply saying that I feel the need to put myself together. Maybe take a walk after lunch in my break time, we never know. Then later on, come back among the Happy bunch. Work like there is no tomorrow.

Actually, I used to think of work as a tedious task but you get to enjoy what you are doing (That only applies when the big boss is not around) Lol!


P.S: There is a huge difference between solitude and being lonely.

– The first one, solitude, is quite necessary in life. Humans are social creatures; whether we’re catching a movie with friends or just vegging on the couch with the family, we’re often in the company of someone else. There’s nothing wrong with that, but every now and then, there’s a case for taking some time to go solo.

– But being lonely, it’s a horrible state. I wouldn’t wish it to my enemy. It turns a good spirit into crazy ones.  Even “The Joker” had company, no matter how psycho he was.

Even The Joker had company. Friends i don't know!!
Even The Joker had company. Friends i don’t know!!


Kirk out!! Until next post, may the force be with you 😃😉!