I kept the red ribbon
Because i don’t want to forget
I kept it with hope
Because i look forward
for next time we meet.

I kept the red ribbon
As a constant reminder
Of how destiny works.
Weird, it is?!
But here we are
It’s living proof
What’s meant to be
Will always be

I kept the red ribbon
Tied around my wrist.
Proudly swinging around
As i move along my arm.
I keep it in sight
So i don’t forget;
God forbid.

I simply kept the red ribbon
For million reasons and one;
Not any in particular,
My mind free to imagine all.

I hate lingering on the past
Though you can’t help it
It was too beautiful
To be true.
But hey,
Going back doesn’t mean
Going backwards,
Most of the time,
It means moving on.

I kept the red ribbon
As a reminder,
That the future is uncertain;
But hell can it be surprising!!

Ain’t afraid of reminiscing
That time worth cherishing
‘Coz it feels me with happiness
A happy and wonderful feeling.
Do you ever feel it to?!

I rumble a lot when I write
But bottom line is;

Be my guest, Guess it please!!

“I kept the ribbon with you in mind”

This goes to: Ange, Karma, Hayat, Manisha, Monu, Mehreen, Larter, Zain, Farid, Azim, Maq, Iyaz, Sonu, Niraj L., Nivi, Jeevi, Faisal, Decibel, and lots I haven’t mentioned…

P.S: While traveling in the mountains of Sikkim, Buddhists monks gave us a red ribbon as a sign of gratitude for our visit. And since then, I keep it as a mnemonic of all the good times, all the good people I met.

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