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You leave home at the rise of the sun, to leave your office or that classroom at the rise of the night. That’s from monday till saturday (friday for the lucky ones). One week goes by, then a month.

Six month later, it’s a half a year of your life gone by stuck in that endless routine of a demanding job or that school that promises you a better future.
Whether you like what you’re doing or not, that’s quite boring if you ask me! (If that’s all you ever do)

Society as we live in it requires constant search for an income generation. That’s capitalism. – “Survival of the fittest”

But there is always hope. Never lose it.

Outside work, go stretch your arms; your cramped face muscles, shake those legs (they have been sitting for too long)…Meet your family, Have a drink on me with your friends..It might save your friendship and you in the process (but i’m not paying that bill, i was joking), Make time for that girlfriend you have been neglecting for quite a while now or take your wife out for a change.

I seriously want to tell you about taking up a hobby; something that you do just for you. It’s definitely time to do “That thing”, you being one of the beneficial of it. Not for the purpose of work, school, a favor or a business.
Leave your laptop at work, finish your assignments in time and go get a life.

I’m quiet young to be teaching or giving anybody advice. But one thing I know for sure is that “Today is as old as You and I get”.

But as I look around, all i see is people stuck in an endless bad cycle of a routine. Some don’t even notice, because that’s all they know; apparently satisfied by it. (“Satisfaction? is that all life has to offer?). If I hadn’t had a moment of lucidity and reflection, that’s where I’d be heading shortly.

So as i finish this, let me put on my silk shirt and go SALSA. (And yes, I salsa in Nick Frost’s voice – FYI watch Cuban Fury)

I call “Shotgun”, go get your own hobby 😉 . Nah, I’m messing with you again. It takes two to shine on that floor.

Come and join me! The more the merrier.

*Stay cool, Stay frosty! 😉





Photo credit: Fujoshi Break – 50/365 via photopin (license)