It’s getting harder to keep it inside. Bottled up. To keep that aching soul from spreading its wings. Bring your ear near, hear that living drum beat deep inside my chest. Yes, It can speak…it wants to, at least

Of course, “it” and “I” are the same person. Well, if you want to know the difference , let me tell you. The only difference comes when you come in the picture. You walk closer, your perfume scenting all over the place. The closer you get, the farther i get from my body. Leaving it speechless, awkward to your touch. From where my soul is floating, it’s crying out loud….can you hear it past that timid cocoon? can you see past those big brown eyes, because behind that one way mirror is the true soul.

hi, stranger” you say teasing.

“hhhh…..” it’s all that frigid body can utter…(really only that? come on!! you can do better…HOW ABOUT ..Hey you! That green does you wonders)

From where you’re standing….you smile, then tip-toe to leave a peck on my cheek. (For crying out loud…be a man and do something)

It’s hard to keep more….it turns to say it at last… “hey baby” you hear…it’s not from you, and it’s not for you.

Sadly time has ultimately run out. You are too……lat..(well you know the word, right )

I wake up, shaking and happy the whole scene was only a dream…that would have been embarrassing right? 🙂 




Thank you for sticking until the end.  I’m experiencing a new kind of writing, some daily prompts for daily writing. I hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment, it might help this aspiring writer be better ….you know what i mean 😉

*Disclaimer: This is in no-way related to any real life event…yeah, i know what i’m talking about…this is completely a fictitious work. (So stop any guessing, or weird question you were going to ask…lol!)