At some point, I knew I couldn’t go on. I know i can’t go on.
Had i lost it? Or simply lost my edges? Whatever it is, it wasn’t going to simply be solved by working harder, or punching a few couple extra hours.

In the end all I had was sleepy mornings and tiredness-fueled days Monday straight to Friday, 8 hours a day; have i forgotten also some weekends too.

Am I stuck already? Nah, I say..but soon reality brush on to paint.

It’s quite dark and gloomy on that canvas. I can see or assume to see a sun hidden behind heavy clouds…or maybe it’s simply a yellow dot, i mistook for a sight of sunlight.

I’m not lost. I know for sure, I can stand up to those words. Giving………..wait no, i can’t even finish that sentence…because it’s not part of my dictionary. At least the one I wrote.

Do you want to read it? Here, let me show you.

Simply Be.  And everything else will fall in line.

Passion comes before success.
And so does Hard-work.

Your attitude will determine your altitude. Just a take a little height, your problems will look smaller. You are not defined by “problems”

And………..That’s it. Yep, that the whole story.

*Sigh* – I’m not going forward anymore, this road is not going anywhere. I’m going to stop here. Contemplate, Meditate, breathe and