“From East to West, Earth around,

From elsewhere to places around

Wherever you are, I’ll find “that” place.

Every peak of mountain I’ll climb,

To travel the world looking for you,

Just an angel away,

That’s how far I am.


Every bottomless sea, I will NOT swim 

Believe me I’m no whale, or dolphin

If you swim that deep, you must be a mermaid.

I’m no pirate, or sea captain

to ever think such fantasies ever exist.


What’s true is this, though!!!

shhh…don’t tell anyone else, right?

In you, I got a reason to dream,

a smile on my face every night,

under the shower in the morning

sing “i feel good” my lungs out,

and with no care at all,

’cause I know something they don’t know 🙂 



My Love for you ….It does shine bright.” H.M.K


Nostalgia is a good thing. Especially when you find this kind of treasure hidden among the pages of your younger self’s high school notebook pages.

As you can see it doesn’t sound like it’s a finished piece. This young dude here seemed to have fallen deep..like very extremely deep. I couldn’t decide how to finish it since I don’t particularly remember who I was writing it for or when, However I hope you enjoyed.

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P.S: For you Meemoun