There will be days when every morning feels like Monday morning,
or like the day after that long Kwibohora* weekend,
Ears, Head ringing. A bit of booze still hanging in,
Your body system still sleeping.

Those mornings, you be spilling coffee all over that work desk,
Work that no longer resembles that ad post you applied to years ago,
That same job that asked you what you wanted to become tomorrow,
and you replied:
“Anything but broke”.

Let’s talk about those days when you bump into your ex,
You thought you moved on?! (Haha)
That’s before your brain and mouth starts playing freeze tag,
Neither one of them wanting to call the shots.
Brainy thinks “wow, she look gorgeous”
Mouthy blurts out “how..are..things?” (with a Jamaican accent for Christ sake).

There will be days when heaven seems so far.. (Trust me) very very far,
Your prayers.. Nope,
No answer
No hope.
Down the drain, no rope.
Everything downhill on a slippery slope
That gleaming silver lining slowly fading onto your future.

The future????

Once upon somewhere, You dreamt
By now you thought you’d be a rising phoenix,
strolling your way up that corporate ladder,
Or better yet,
A hard-working entrepreneur slowly tasting success.

But now….at your lowest moment,
success got no taste,
Every step you are tested,
Your heart fast beating in your chest
As your head swirls around with questions,
Like “where..have..i..gone..wrong?”.

Can I tell you something funny though?
Ninkubariza umwana w’i Rwanda ngo “Bite?!”
Azambwira ngo “Ni byiza”. friend you’re not.

Part of the solution is acknowledging there’s a situation.
Right along the lines of “If I could have done this or that”,
Is what you need to do.

But i can’t blame you.
It’s even a feat you got here.

From a young age,
You are told;
“Eat, study, sleep, repeat
Prepare for the exam you have next week”
As you grow, it’s the same tune,
Different words
“Eat, Work, sleep, repeat”.

“Eat, Work, Sleep, repeat”
“Eat, Work, Sleep, repeat”

Buddy boy, listen carefully to Nike when it says,
‘Just do it’.

Dust yourself off,
Stop staring at your clipped wings that once were,
And focus on what is.
It ain’t “no walk in the park”
More like a rock climbing condition.

Whatever works for you….

Remember this though,
You’ll forever be a work-in-progress,
A giant in the making

Even Today’s Sun was Last Night’s dream of a brighter day.